from Ed Miller's Building a No-Limit Hold’em Starting Hand Chart

10-handed 100BB stacks

Early: 22+, AQ+, ATs+, KQs, red T9s

in general play these strongly. limp or minraise with small and medium pairs. In general, avoid limping/min-raising and then calling a raise behind you.

Middle: 22+, AT+, KQ, KJs, QJs, A8s+ (soft: add A2s+, JTs-54s, KJ, KTs)

If You’re Opening ... 3-4bb

If You’re Playing After One or More Limpers

one limper raise, 2 or more, raise or call. smaller raises with pairs.

If You’re Playing Against a Raise

tighten up 22+, AK. maybe add AQ, AJs, KQs. if first after raise, call more than you raise. if not first, raise more than call. with pocket pairs it's your choice.

CO add 22+, A2s+, K9s+, Q9s+, 54s+, 86s+, A8o+, KTo+, QTo+, 98o+

If You’re Opening

The cutoff is a flexible position. It's also the most complictaed preflop.

If You’re Playing After One or More Limpers

Do not change the above range too much due to limpers. In general, the more multiway the pot is, the more value being suited has, and the weaker offsuit high card hands like KTo become. So if there are four or five limpers to you in the cutoff, you might add a few extra suited hands and perhaps avoid weak offsuit aces if you’re worried about how you’ll play them after the flop. In medium- and deep-stack no-limit, if you’re playing with position and only for the price of the big blind, you have tremendous flexibility.

If You’re Playing Against a Raise

tighten up. play 22+, AK, AQ, AJs, KQs to 22+, AJ+, KQ, A2s+, KTs+, QTs+, 54s+, J9s+.

If You’re Playing Against a Raise and a Reraise

tighten way up. KK+. maybe QQ+, AK

add more stuff from:

Button 22+, A2+, K2s+, K5o+, Q9o+, Q5s+, J9o+, J8s+, T9o, 98o, T9s-54s, T8s-64s (44%)

If You’re Playing After One or More Limpers

with one limper usually raise. with two or more, Prefer suited hands to the big-little offsuit ones,, so perhaps substitute out the K5o for J7s or 96s. raising here is not as automiatic here.

If You’re Playing Against a Raise

call with 22+, A2s+, ATo+, K9s+, KJo+, QJo, Q9s+, JTo-98o, JTs-54s, J9s-64s. its fine to tighen up here and omit the small card hands. reraise all of these occasionaly and reraise your stronghands most of the time. against a tight raiser QQ+, AK. against a loose raiser 99+,AJ+,KQ. against a raise and one or more calls, play a similar rang, but dump the weakest hands because you have less fold equity. and reraise more often as there is dead money from the callers. (T9s?))

If You’re Playing Against a Raise and a Reraise

QQ+, AK. you might fold QQ and Ak against some reraisers.


If good players have entered the pot, particularly for a raise, you can still play fairly loosely, but toss some of the weakest hands that you might play against a typical player.


Avoid playing here if possible.

When One Or More Limpers Have Entered the Pot

check most hands. raise with some of your top hands and a few others as semibluffs. raise less in the small blind.

When It’s Raised To You

22+, AQ+. usually ATs+, KJ+. sometimes KQo. play tighter in the small blind.

Against a Reraise

play very tightly and possibly push all-in with anything you choose to play. Candidate hands for playing this way are QQ+, AK.

Blind vs Blind