Poker is a game of skill and a tradition of the old west.

There are many kinds of poker games.

No Limit Holdem has become popular in recent years.

We are a group of students and teachers who teach and study poker strategy. We spend most of our time teaching, studying, and playing online. You can play online for real or play money.

We use poker tools to assist us in teaching and learning. We rarely have games at our meetups as it's much easier to perform most of our activities online. The World Series of Poker will be offering an online bracelet this year.

Our ultimate goal is to play a game theory optimal strategy for all of our games, but those may not quite be known yet. Our first achievable goal is to play with total regard to hand and position value. This will allow us to defend ourselves against loose or "aggressive" (please see note below) players. We will then move on to a more offensive stance.

While our primary interest us in no limit holdem, allmost all of the material we study applies to all variations of poker.

Our first objective (for no limit holdem students) is to master the short stack strategy.

If you are interested in teaching or learning about poker, please join us.

[Note: This is not what most poker players mean by the term "aggressive". I am using aggressive here in this sense.]